Not long ago, I made a rather ridiculous statement to my wife one evening after dinner, I said, “Looks like there is a dish full of dirty sinks that need washing.” At the time, I dismissed my jumbled word faux pas to nothing more than my tired brain not keeping up with my words. My guess is that we all have “tongue twisted” our words more often than we want to admit.

Sometimes our marketing messages miss the mark because we didn’t think about how our words will be interpreted by our target audience. If your marketing message strategy lacks a good positioning statement and a few supporting points, you may not be speaking clearly to your target customer.

A good positioning statement will address the target customer’s central need or what I like to refer to as “pain” and then offer pain relief or solutions as to why they should care about your products or services.

Your message strategy should guide your business into using a consistent message across all of your marketing communication platforms such as website, brochures, presentations and advertising. It should clearly define the benefits that set you apart from your competition.

You will need to make your positioning statement short, simple, concise, and able to adapt to different media types. It must include one big benefit statement and be supported by a few other supporting benefit claims.

For example, here is my positioning statement along with a few supporting points: At High Road Digital, we help businesses by making sense of an ever-changing landscape of new media:

  • Develop a solid social media strategy for your business by providing content coaching, creation & dashboard tools
  • Increase your businesses online visibility by “claiming” and “cleaning” your listing on major search directories
  • Improve your businesses online reputation by monitoring online review sites

For additional ideas on developing your marketing message, check out 8 Ways to Make Your Marketing Message Stand Out. The author’s advice mirror some of the same requirements for defining the target customer needs and presenting solutions in your marketing communications, but he also introduces several other tips that you may find useful.

Do you need help communicating effectively to your target audience? At High Road Digital, we first listen to your needs and then help you identify clear solutions to those needs. Call one of our Partner Success Managers, we are here to help.