In honor of Halloween, I want to share with you a frightening experience I endured recently.  It was a normal Friday morning. There was briskness in the air and a sense of anticipation for the weekend ahead.

That all changed with one phone call.  The concerned party on the other line explained what once was there was now missing.  I couldn’t believe it. How could I have not noticed that it was gone?  I began to search and sure enough it had vanished.

Frantically, we began looking.  We called the chosen ones responsible for keeping the item safe and they too didn’t know what had happened.  Minutes turned into hours as we waited by the phone for answers.  Wondering if we would ever find our precious item, we rallied to remain hopeful.  Late that evening we had a false call that our item had been found.

The next morning the chosen ones presented us an item that looked like ours but wasn’t the real thing.  Disappointed we challenged them to keep searching and we again waited for answers.  That second evening the nightmare became reality… our item was lost forever.  The chosen ones wanted to take no responsibility for not protecting and keeping our item safe.  Even though our item was in their possession, it was not their loss… it was ours and, more importantly, our client’s loss.

How was I going to explain this and make it right?  How could the chosen ones think it was okay to not be held accountable for something I was compensating them to handle?  Would this evil prevail? Of course not!

All scary stories have a hero that defeats evil.  This nightmare gave us the opportunity to be heroes.  At High Road Digital, we provide premium customer service. That means we will always do right by our clients even in situations when things might be out of our control.   Businesses deal with companies like the chosen ones everyday.  At High Road Digital, we pride ourselves in being heroes (not just when we dress up for Halloween) but every other day of the year as well.

Looking for a group of digital heroes?  Look no further…it’s High Road Digital to the rescue.