I recently completed my first full marathon. I suppose turning the big 5-0 later this year prompted me to take a look at my “bucket list” and do some soul searching. I thought to myself “well, I’m not getting any younger so let’s do this.” I made the 16-week commitment and began my training in earnest. I logged over 400 miles running 3-4 times per week and set a goal to finish under 4 hours.

Race day finally arrived. I feel a nervous anticipation in the crowd of 30,000+ runners as I found my place at the starting line. The starting count down had begun and the runners were released in groups, also known as “corrals” to begin their quest for the finish line.

Along the course were many sights and sounds. Everything from live rock n roll bands stationed at nearly every water station, first aid, electronic timing check points, entire high school cheerleading squads, police traffic control, and yes, even remedies to relieve chaffing in unexpected bodily places (thanks for the warning Rhonda!). The race organizers had thought of every conceivable need! The planning and execution were impeccable when you consider the magnitude of the event.

If you think about it from a business perspective, there are many parallels to that of an event of this size and scope in all types of businesses. But the one that is most crucial is logistics. Marketing logistics simply involve the planning, delivering, and controlling the flow of physical goods to a market as well as the material and information necessary to meet customer demands. “Simple” you might scoff?

So, marketing logistics not only involve the delivery of a product but the communication to the end consumer of every business. If you are a business owner, when was the last time you considered “how” and “what” you are communicating to your customer? In other words, what is your content marketing strategy?

Your content marketing strategy touches many facets in business. Everything from your website, printed brochures, social media, blog and even your signage if you have a brick and mortar business. It involves nearly everything your customer experiences with your business.

Do you lack a solid content strategy? Are you looking for a fresh set of eyes to look at your business communications objectively from a team of marketing professionals that help businesses just like yours everyday? Call the folks at High Road Digital, we love content marketing logistics! We’ll get your business communications up and running in no time!

Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention how I finished the marathon. I finished one minute, 20 seconds longer than my goal. But more importantly, event organizers provided all the necessary resources to help me finish as comfortably and efficiently as possible making me one satisfied customer!