And no, this actually isn’t about the multinational technology company that we all love and give all of our money to (well, me anyway). This is actually going to relate to your marketing needs, and most importantly that target audience that you are striving to reach.

A trip to the store this past weekend for groceries got me thinking, “There’s such a huge choice when it comes to apples, but why? The ‘Pink Lady’ is clearly the best one.” So here’s me completely neglecting the likes and tastes of others by saying that a particular apple is by far the best. It was just a silly thought. But it got me thinking…

Just like apples; and many other foods and products in the store; there are multiple channels to choose from when advertising your product or business. You could down the social media route with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Or, you could build a website. You could go with traditional media and have television, radio, newspaper or billboard ads. There are several options, and you should utilize as many as possible!

And along with that, different people will respond in different ways to each channel. You’ve got the Millennials who will be all over most social media channels. You’ve got your Gen X’ers who like to research and will check out a website. Then you have Gen Y who are more likely to pick up a newspaper.

So while I am munching on my ‘Pink Lady’ apple, browsing the ads on Instagram… there’s probably someone out there enjoying a ‘Granny Smith’ apple and checking out some ads in their local newspaper… we are all different.

Here at High Road Digital – we not only enjoy an apple – but we can help you ace your advertising strategy, and ensure that your entire target market is taken care of!