It’s quite incredible, Facebook now claims that its 1.86 billion users (approx.) are active through the main app, the messenger app, or Instagram for an hour each day. That’s a decent sized market for us advertisers don’t you think?!

Now, in order to capture a portion of those users’ attention it’s not only good advertisements and branding that does it… it’s your actual profile too. What I mean is your landing page, that first page that the viewer will land on once they click through to your business page. The goal here is to keep the viewer on your page, and to accomplish that there are a couple of things you need to make sure you are doing.

The Logo

Ensure that your profile picture, or at least your cover photo has your logo incorporated. This will be something the viewer will see first, and it’s the perfect chance to get them associated with your brand and company (unless you hate your logo, then give us a call!)

The Cover

As mentioned above, I’d recommend having your logo in there if it’s not your profile picture. Otherwise, a branded photo – a photo relating to your company along with your tagline, your colors, anything that translates your culture. I always like to think of consistency and relatability when I’m putting together a Facebook page, or any social media page really. If I can translate a company’s vision or character through a photo I will always do it.

Color Scheme

Again, as mentioned above, consistency and relatability. Your color scheme should be consistent through all print/branding/social media/everything! This provides a solid brand and something that a client can recognize. For example, our main colors are Orange and white, with some grey – you will find this utilized throughout all of our social media accounts and all of our branded pieces.


This is a big one, and really is a key for not only a strong page but also a strong presence on Facebook. Keep your content flowing, and make sure it’s always got that consistent branding. Small things like a watermarked logo on each photo post can go a long way to making your content that much stronger.

I’ve really just scratched the surface here when it comes to having a strong presence on Facebook. I could go on for page after page about what you should and shouldn’t do, but I’ll save that for another time. So get onto Facebook and get that profile page looking fresh… if you need a hand, reach out and take the High Road with us!