I recently went on a trip to Snowshoe Mountain Resort as a sweet farewell to winter. I had planned this vacation months in advance once before, but some last minute issues popped up and I had to cancel. Then, a month later, I received an email and realized I could book it for two nights that upcoming weekend.

While this sounds great in theory, it could have almost not happened because of miscommunication. When I first spoke with the very kind couple I stayed with, I could have completely missed the opportunity to reschedule. They only contacted me two days before the vacancy, and previously, I had been taking several days to get back with them about my plans.

This can relate to your marketing strategy as well. If you seek out an agency to help you bring your visions to life then you have to be willing to cooperate with them. If the agency needs something or does not have the correct information or tools to finish the project and they are relying on you to get them what they need, then you should be able to get back with them in a reasonable amount of time. If it takes you three weeks to get something back to them, then have reasonable expectations about a time frame.

What I’m saying is that to have a successful relationship with an agency or company that you work with, there has to be consistent communication. It takes both parties working together to get your business to your final destination. Give me a call at 423-900-8420 to see how we can help you!