Over the years, I have found myself, as a consumer, taking the time to complain about products and services more when they are not completely satisfactory.  No, I’m not a whiner, impossible to please, nor do I have the “let me speak with your manager” haircut.  However, when I patronize a business or service, I expect the hard-earned money I am spending to be worth it, as should you.

Having worked in the service and sales industry for several years, I have come to adopt the mindset that complaints mean someone cares. Someone cared enough to inform the business of his/her unsatisfactory experience rather than speaking ill to friends and colleagues, blasting it negatively on media outlets, or the worst, not returning to the establishment. When a complaint is received, that business gets a second chance. A good business owner or manager will invite the patron back into their establishment to prove the service or product they received was not characteristic of how it should be.

The complaint is also not simply for the benefit of the consumer. Now, the business has an idea of how they can improve and keep it consistent to ensure no one will have the same negative experience.  This also allows the business to grow and better itself by acting proactively instead of reactively in case as similar experience begins to happen and can be changed before the consumer exits the establishment.

So, the next time your meal is incorrect, the store clerk was rude, an item you purchased didn’t function as expected or advertised, or you simply have a piece of constructive advice – speak up. Keep in mind, everyone is human and mistakes are made; but if delivered correctly, a complaint will result in everyone being pleased. You deserve to be completely satisfied with where you spend your money, and the business deserves to run at its fullest potential.