When given the opportunity to spend a week at the Digital Dealer Conference and EXPO in Orlando- you take it! I quickly realized this was not a vacation.

I was told Digital Dealer Conference is ‘where all the top dealers go to get ahead of the competition.’ And Digital Dealer 26 was no joke. With more than 100 speakers offering content, my schedule was jam-packed. I wanted to hear from the top leaders from around the country. And while the sessions I chose to attend focused mostly on social media marketing, there seemed to be a wide variety of topics covered at the conference, from technology to leadership, to social media marketing, to sales to everything in between. Content that covered just about every area that dealers and their employees could take back to their stores and make a difference with right away.

There were also more than 120 exhibitors at the Digital Dealer Conference & Expo, there to showcase their products and services.

HEY KARA! That’s what I heard anytime I was near the exhibitor’s hall because vendors can target a dealer tag from hundreds of yards away and read your first name. Who knew?

I learned so much in my first visit to Digital Dealer Conference & Expo. And not all (or even most) auto dealer specific. For example, have you noticed a shift in the buying funnel? I didn’t realize until pointed out to me. It used to be that your website was an extension of your business… But trends are reversing. For some buyers your business is now considered an extension of your website. Think of all of the research we do now prior to purchase, whether buying a new lawn mower or even “click and pick up” groceries. You’ll notice now.

Thirteen years and going strong, I hope to attend Digital Dealer Conference & Expo again. It was a great blend of information, advertising and marketing tips, strategy, online sales tactics and digital trends that are relevant to any industry. Bonus.

Kara Knapp
Partnership Relationship Manager