It’s 2018. The accessibility of communication is easier than the accessibility of clean water.  We have so much information, connect-ability, and digital intelligence at our fingertips, the hard thing to do it disconnect.

I giggled a few weeks ago when I realized I was having 4 different conversations with the same person. They were all on different mediums of connectivity, however. Then I did some research. On my personal phone alone, I have fifteen different ways for someone to get ahold of me. I couldn’t disappear even if I wanted to. But then, I put my phone down. Suddenly, I only had one method of availability – face-to-face interaction.

After the initial panic and anxiety of not knowing what the latest drama was on my Facebook newsfeed, I was overwhelmed with a sense of bliss. Just being in the moment with whom I was actively having a conversation was so refreshing.

Now, obviously, I work for a heavily digitally-focused marketing agency so I can’t disconnect for too terribly long. And neither should you, but, coming back to my digital world after my brief (hour-long) breakup was like I had a fresh set of eyes and a new mindset.

If you’re finding yourself needing a disconnect – take it. Step back, let us drive for a bit. We’re here to help take worry off your plate. Call, email, Facebook message, Snap, Insta DM, or send us a letter. We’re available.