If I’ve learned anything in my 26 years on this earth, it’s to accept the fact that you can’t please everyone – and that’s okay.

I love pickles. My sister hates them. She loves bananas. I think bananas are Satan’s fruit. Sure, I chased her around the house with pickle breath and splashed pickle juice on her at every opportunity I could. But, the fact of the matter is nothing I did would make her learn to appreciate the zesty, vinegary crunch of a pickle. I had to accept that.

To this day, her hatred of pickles reminds me that not everyone is going to like everything I do, not everyone is going to agree with me, and not everything is going to go my way. And I’ll repeat – that’s okay.

When building a business, keep this in mind.  You can’t please everyone. You’re never going to make every single individual happy with every single aspect of your business. What you can do; however, is find the group of people you appeal to the most and please the heck out of them. Always go above and beyond people’s requests, but don’t change the foundation of your business just to make someone happy. Find what makes you happy and surround yourself with customers or clients who share the same interests.

This mentality will also help your business grow because you will continue to believe in your business and your brand. You will find you are much more likely to wake up with a smile if you are building a business that satisfies not only your customers, but yourself.

That’s what makes businesses successful. If you want to find out how to make your business successful, give us a call and we’ll shape up your marketing plan to fit your needs and attract the clientele you want to reach.