Nearly everyday I have a conversation with a business owner that they seldom see any benefit, let alone sales from facebook. However, they still feel compelled to have a presence on social media, especially on facebook even though their efforts are void of measureable results. Many owners believe that if you’re in business, you have to use social media because someone said it’s good for business.

But, as I dig deeper into the “how” business owners use facebook or any other social media platform, there is generally a common theme. Often, I see inconsistencies in either the content or frequency of the posts, usually both. It boils down to a lack of social media strategy i.e.-what to posts and how often to posts in order to increase engagement of users by liking, commenting, and sharing content.

Let’s suppose you’re one of the enlightened ones, and have either become a student of social media or someone has managed it for your business and you have leveraged facebook to produce good results in the past. But lately, your fans have stop interacting with your posts on facebook? They may have stop seeing your posts in their News Feeds. Oh, no!

I’ll let you in on a dirty little secret about facebook that very few business owners know about. At the Facebook Marketing Conference in February 2012, facebook stated that on average, each post is seen by only 16 percent of a page’s fans. So, only a fraction of your fans are seeing your post at all unless you pay to boost your posts.

If you have been following the evolution of facebook for a while, you may have speculated a long time ago that some day, facebook will not remain a free service, at least for business. Well, you would have guessed right!

With about 1.25 billion facebook users worldwide, businesses just cannot justify walking away from the most visited site on the Internet. Facebook has become one of our favorite obsessions. More and more people are finding their news and information on social media than on search engines!

So, we must embrace this “new media” which refers to on-demand access to content anytime, anywhere, on any digital device, as well as interactive user feedback, and creative participation. Are there really any other options?

There are ways for business to still benefit from facebook without breaking the bank, by increasing engagement of your fans organically. Through a smart content strategy, it is possible to by-pass paying to boost you posts and leverage referral traffic to social media’s largest juggernaut.

If you need help navigating the constantly changing road signs of social media and need help developing a solid social media strategy, call High Road Digital. We have a team of well-seasoned advertising veterans eager to help.