Fall brings change. While I suppose that could be said for any season, fall brings about a different change. Spring comes full of excitement and renewal. New life and bright colors pop up, and it reminds us that even after the coldest of months, things can begin to grow again. Summer teems with life, warmth, and endless possibilities. Green trees fill with leaves and provide shade that begs for a picnic. Winter bundles us up with the warmth of fires and friendships, and fresh fallen snows bring undeniable peace. But fall brings about a different change.

Fall brings pumpkins and apples and hot drinks made from either. It brings boots, crisp mornings, and colors that you can’t ever seem to describe as vividly as they exist. It brings smells like cinnamon and nutmeg intertwined with marshmallows and bonfire. Scarves with plaid and dark nail polish become a fashion accessory to many. But fall also brings the subtle reminder that things come to an end. The leaves begin drifting off the trees, leaving them slightly more bare with each day that passes.

Sometimes, fall is the reminder we need. The leaves turn bright with color, but that signals the beginning of their end. Not long after the last leaves have fallen do we welcome the winter’s first snowfall that blankets us with peace. Fall is perhaps the most perfect reminder of how beautiful it can be to let dead things go.

The changing of the seasons made me reflect on the above, and how important it is to go through the seasons of life much like the seasons of the year.  When it’s time to let go, let go and go boldly into the next phase. Whether in business or personal life change is natural, beautiful, and makes room for new things ahead.