Recently, I was in Dallas to attend a board meeting for a non-profit that I have the honor of serving on. During the meeting, we were talking about how to expand our donor base. Like most businesses (profit or nonprofit) the challenge that many face is how do we introduce the brand to new audiences that will become donors and/or consumers?

Eventually, the conversation led to a discussion about how we are telling the story. It is no surprise that the brands that are winning today are the ones that utilize masterful storytelling. In my mind, it’s about so much more though.  It’s the stories that make a heart connection that are changing the world.

Early on in parenting, my wife came across a study on creating a true heart connection with your children. The premise is that when you establish this unique bond with your kids you don’t have to be the parent that uses fear, punishment, or anger to motivate. Instead, you simply show your children the effect that their decisions make to your heart. You become vulnerable and transparent allowing them to see the rawness of your heart with the good and the bad. If done properly this connection should lead to a healthy parent/child relationship.

So what does all this rambling about parenting have to do with marketing?  It’s one thing to tell a story but it’s entirely different when you are able to make someone feel something, to connect with you, and to finally form a true bond.   Making this type of heart connection takes work. It means being completely honest, real, authentic, and true. It’s finding the right target audience and connecting with them in a way that makes sense for them, knowing on the flip side that you aren’t going to connect with everyone.

It also takes time. When your child is born it takes time to build a heart connection that will last.  For brands, this is true as well.  It will take time to make a true bond.  The good news is once you do make that connection you most likely have a donor and or consumer for life. The added value is that they also become the best promoters of your brand. That’s called word of mouth.

We have a talented group of marketers with huge hearts that are ready to help you find ways to authentically bond with others.  Connect with us today.

Rob Bunch
Managing Director