Sometimes a New Year does not start off with the joy of new adventures, exciting new goals and the list of things we are planning to make happen as the ball is dropping on New Year’s Eve.  Sometimes that unexpected life event changes everything.

Most of us have experienced working with a team member, or been that person, that is going through a sad time in their life.  Loss of a spouse, parent, family member or could even be a beloved pet.   But for them it is extremely hard and personal, and they are not sure how to navigate through this.

We want to be there for them and at the same time we do not want to get into their space if that is not what they want. How do we know? Honestly, having experienced several times this sadness, it is hard to tell. I had a very difficult time reading cards and having conversations concerning my loss in the first few months. In fact, it was impossible for me to do. But the support from my team was so appreciated. They all just seemed to realize where I was and that I needed both space as well as their presence.   And over time I read all those cards and could have those conversations.

We sometimes forget that for that person there will be a full year of “first” events that will have an impact on their days, weeks and months ahead after a loss. The first anniversary, birthday, favorite restaurant, and Holidays. And so many more that are personal to them and their families.

Business and personal life are intertwined and there are times we need to be there for complete support and let them know we care. Life is about helping others. Let’s all be there for each other.