It’s the lovely time of year when snowflakes begin teasing the thought of a white Christmas, when Christmas lights send a warm glow from houses in every neighborhood, and when trips to the mailbox are more anticipated than most months. The cold and often gloomy days can often be warmed up with an inviting mug of hot cocoa. Let your brand be like a cup of hot chocolate on a cold December day.

While not every brand can appeal to their audience with a heartwarming presence, the millions that do are often rewarded with undeniable brand loyalty. My favorite campaign running right now is doing just that – Amazon Prime. Here’s three unforgettable commercials they are running right now. Take a look.





Amazon Prime is a brand that, in my opinion, would’ve had a difficult time veering on the “heartwarming” side of advertisements. But they did, and they did it well. Remember the cute Budweiser puppy and pretty Clydesdale? Although I’m in marketing, I think I would have questioned the marketing decision to make beer “hallmark like” prior to producing those commercials, but they worked! These are two examples of brands that took a marketing risk and it paid out big time.

The takeaway from this is that sometimes taking a risk can be the right thing for your marketing strategy. Amazon wanted to pull at the heart stings and they did. Now when you think of Amazon, you not only think of words like “quick” and “now” but also words like “family,” “sweet,” and “trustworthy.” They’re the cup of hot chocolate in the middle of holiday sales commercials.

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