It’s amazing how Instagram’s popularity has exploded in the last couple of years. I remember when I first came across it late 2011 just after I moved to the United States for college. It hadn’t really taken off in the UK. I remember thinking to myself, “Nah, I don’t see me using this much… I’ll stick with Facebook.” Well now, look how wrong I was!

Now, I’m 24, a millennial, and Instagram is by far my most used social media account – both for posting, and for just taking a look around. In fact, it’s probably where I’ll go first to check out a brand, or if I want to take a look at a new product, or even see some cool photos of a place I want to visit. It’s just packed with great images… and not much information… which I love, and so does my generation apparently!

As a graphic designer, I frequent Instagram quite regularly throughout the day looking for inspiration or that something to stimulate my imagination and creativity (after all that’s my job – to be creative!) Usually I’ll check out an account that posts ‘wilderness’ landscapes, or I’ll take a look at an account that’s dedicated to posting images of New York City. For some reason, landscape/architecture are things that spark my creativity – maybe it’s the clean lines of the buildings, or the vast views of sky and color… I’m not really sure.

Apparently, I’m just 1 of approximately 75 million users each day. I must not be the only person who uses it as inspiration, or even motivation. It may be in theory just a social media platform, but it really has more to it. It’s like a tool, like a google image search. Any designers out there? Go see if you can find some content that sparks your creativity!