As a more “senior” person, sometimes it seems more challenging to keep up with the everyday changes that are occurring in our electronic world!

At a recent visit at the Apple Store, I felt the need to let the “associate” know I was perfectly capable of setting up my new Apple products on my own.   It’s funny how they were speaking and relating to me compared to the young teenagers getting the same things.

It seems to happen more and more and yet I know that I am way ahead of the game compared to many people my age. I rarely have to reach out for technical help because I will “Google It”, “YouTube” it and research it to find answers on my own. In fact, it has become my personal challenge to prove that I don’t need technical support!

Sadly, interaction at most stores is the same. Best Buy is the perfect example.  While making my purchase, I was asked if I would have help setting it up? Really?  You’re asking me if I’ll have help when you couldn’t answer a single one of my questions?

My point is we all need to continue to educate ourselves daily.  We must continue to learn and adapt because technology is changing every day.  No matter your age you need to continue to grow and learn.  Make yourself the very best you can be and use that knowledge to mentor others.

Leesa Wilcher
Senior Director of Partnerships and Marketing