If you live in Bristol, TN then you know there are two weeks out of the year that you have come to love or absolutely despise. People flood State Street and the campgrounds along Volunteer Parkway and Highway 394. These weeks are race weeks. Bristol Motor Speedway, home of the fastest half-mile in the world. The Last Great Colosseum. This is where NASCAR fans come to see the adrenaline rush of cars racing around an oval in 16 seconds at over 100 miles per hour. It takes quite a skill-set to control a car like those drivers do, but have you ever thought about the people behind the scenes? What about those people that keep the car running in tip top shape? Those people are what we call a pit crew, and together with a driver and crew chief, we have a team.

This is much like any business in the world. There is someone that runs the business, people that have to fulfill the business’s needs, and someone who oversees everything to make sure the business is successful. Without one component the business won’t run smoothly, and the same goes for a team in NASCAR. If you ever have the chance to watch a NASCAR race, pay close attention to how the pit crew, and driver work together to get everything done properly and in the quickest way possible. They look like a well oiled machine going to work, knowing exactly what they have to do and how much time they have to finish the task.

Any business that runs smoothly will have that same environment in the place of business. Everyone will know exactly what has to be done to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Here at High Road Digital we pride ourselves on working as a team. Making sure every person knows exactly what needs to be done and working together to achieve those goals.