I love listening to our local “hits” radio station in the morning during my drive to work. The morning air hosts always talk about something interesting. They give fun facts, ask crazy questions, and talk about celebrities. I say that to say, the following “fact” may have little truth to it, but it is interesting to consider. They said that there was a study done, and it showed that a man is perceived more attractive if he is with a very attractive woman. That is to say that, on the typical 1-10 scale, 10 being the hottest, if a single man who is a 7 by most standards begins dating a woman who is a 10, the man would be perceived as a 9 or 10 by other women when they see that he is with a 10. In other words, a more attractive woman makes the average man appear far more attractive.

As I pulled into the office, I started thinking about the power of branding. Whether that fact is true or not, branding can do essentially the same thing for a company. Let’s say, for instance, that a startup company has a powerful brand; this includes logo design, tagline, and digital presence. There are only three employees at this company, and they have intentions of making it a national brand. When you look at the website, you see strong design that’s user friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and easily comparable to other similar brands’ websites. You scroll down and see a well-produced video that explains about the company. You check out their social media and realize that they have a big following and they post great engaging content. From the outside looking in, you’d never know that they were a startup with just three employees.

Marketing has the power of taking a small company and making it look bigger, better, or cooler than it is. That isn’t to say that your company isn’t totally awesome, but sometimes it doesn’t hurt to help others see how great it is. The phrase “perception is reality” is certainly true especially when it comes to marketing your company.

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