Over the summer, I had the privilege of attending a conference for one of our clients in Las Vegas, Nevada. On the way home I snapped a photo of the Bristol Motor Speedway from the sky. I was amazed because it looked so small from the airplane. Now, I don’t usually go around snapping photos out of airplane windows (okay, yes I do), but this one was particularly important. I knew that a couple weekends after the photo was taken, our social media team would be working the largest college football game in history. It was going to take place in that “small” Speedway.

The Battle at Bristol was played, the weekend came and went, it was all a blur. The one thing I remembered from the straight 20 hours we walked around that “small” Speedway was thinking about how huge that Speedway was. My legs hurt, I was sweating, I felt so small standing in front of the Last Great Colosseum. There was no way to get the whole Speedway in one photo. It is massive.

This made me think. Just a few weeks prior, I fit the whole Speedway, the surrounding area, and some of the sky into one photo. Later, I couldn’t justify just how substantial the Speedway was with one photo and my measly iPhone. I was then provoked to think about some other ways perspective can affect how things make people feel.

Owning a business is like being in front of the stadium. There is much to do and see, countless hours to work, so many moving parts to keep in line. You’re tired, you’ve poured your heart and soul into making sure your customers and employees have exactly what they are looking for. But, it’s yours – and it’s big.

A customer going to your website and finding your company is like the airplane photograph. He or she can see it all wrapped into one beautiful package right in front of them. They don’t know how many hours your marketing team worked making certain the website flowed well, all of the links worked properly, or ensuring the SEO was indexing correctly so you could be found. No, they see the finished project.

It’s all about perspective. How do you see your company? If you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to find out how to capture that airplane photo to give to your customers, call us. We can help. We don’t have planes, but a couple of us have better cameras than iPhones, and we know how to help you gain the perspective you need to better your business.