Young people amaze me at how quickly they learn, especially with electronics!  Our world has given so much more opportunity to help our children and grandchildren grow.  And sometimes that learning happens over dinner.  Uh oh!

We have all seen families in restaurants with the parents talking and the little one deeply engaged in a game or a movie.  I sometimes hear another table discussing how bad that is and why are they not engaging the child in conversation instead of letting them play on a phone or tablet.

Well, as with many things, everyone has their own opinions.   And they usually come with not knowing all the facts.   Perhaps the adults at the table talking have not really seen each other in days due to work schedules and they just need some adult conversation.   The child is perfectly content to play their game or watch their movie. And I am certain the child will get plenty of attention once home   And of course the other patrons at the restaurant are happy the child is being well behaved and quiet.

Whether it is in our personal life or our business world, always remember to not be so quick to judge and be critical.   Without knowing all the facts there can be no real opinion.   So next time you see a co-worker doing something you have a strong and perhaps negative opinion about, take a moment to rethink that opinion and consider if you know enough to judge what they are doing.   We are too quick sometimes to “voice our opinions”.

Let’s take the time to think before we speak and when we do speak let’s make it a positive statement and one that will be beneficial to all.

Leesa Wilcher
Senior Director of Partnerships and Marketing