I’ve always been a car guy. My favorite movies are The Fast and the Furious series. I love cleaning my Mustang and Jeep during the summer and making improvements on them – fixing them up myself. Back in December, I decided to put a dual exhaust on my Mustang. I had to get a new bumper so I could install it, so I ordered it online. It was being shipped through UPS Freight, and after weeks of waiting, the driver called me to meet him to pick it up. I crammed the huge box in the back of the Jeep and headed home. It was already dark outside and I decided to wait until the weekend to open it and put it on the Mustang.

Saturday finally came and started with taking my bumper off. Once it was off, I began opening the box. I’d been looking forward to having a dual exhaust for as long as I could remember. I tore away the final piece of wrapping from the bumper and immediately froze in my place. They’d sent the wrong one. This was not a bumper for a dual exhaust. Frustrated, I packed it back up and put my bumper back on. The company was closed until Monday.

Monday came and I called and explained what had happened. They apologized and said that the bumper I ordered was currently out of stock and it could be 6-8 weeks before it was restocked again. Then, they told me that before they would ship it out to me, I had to destroy the bumper and email them proof that I had. They said it was cheaper for them to have me destroy it that for them to pay to ship it back.

The moral of the story is this. Sometimes, it’s better to just start over. It is rough to see work go to waste, but sometimes it just makes sense. Whether you need to pick a new template, change your strategy, rebrand, or simply readjust, sometimes that can be the best approach. Don’t be afraid to start over if something isn’t working. Need a little help? Email me at erick@highroaddigital.com.