Although technically St. Patrick’s Day is not a national holiday, it’s fair to say that in a trip out of the house that day you’ll see more people wearing green than not. Many will embrace the holiday as an excuse to drink a few extra beers or color something green. I remember loving the holiday in school because it meant green cupcakes, Kool-Aid, or other fun snack that had been turned green.

The moral of the story is this. St. Patrick’s Day can be an absolutely fantastic excuse for a marketing campaign. A couple of years ago, Bristol Motor Speedway turned Beaver Creek green for the day. Yes, it is arguably greenish in color most days, but they turned it unmistakably St. Patrick’s Day green. It was fun, lighthearted, and harmless, but brought huge publicity to the speedway.

Even if you don’t create an entire campaign, it’s a great opportunity for a social post. Did someone forget to wear green at the office? Did someone bring green doughnuts or cupcakes? Share it with your followers!  It’s fun and festive and shows the human side of your brand. Of course, this doesn’t work for every single company, but can be great for many.

Take opportunities like simple holidays and create huge buzz about your business. Even if it’s something as simple as “National Waffle Day” or “Love Your Pet Day,” find relevant holidays for your business and make them work for you! If you need a little help being creative with it, we can help make your competitors “green with envy!”