Moving images have been around now for over a hundred years. In fact, the first true “film” debuted in 1900. The first talkie came in 1927 and color features hit the mainstream in 1939, with screening of The Wizard of Oz and Gone With The Wind. 1927 was also important as it was the beginning of a burgeoning new technology, television. Regular service coming on just a year later. However, it wasn’t until 1944 that NBC introduced network television.

Of course, the next big innovation was color TV in 1953. Things stayed relatively static until the digital revolution began in the 1990’s. Full HD transition would be rolled out in the late 2010’s. 4K television was introduced in 2003. It’s only within the last couple of years that 4K television has gained traction in the television production world. If you’ve noticed the timeline that I’ve laid out, for most of the 20th century, things progressed rather slowly.

Since the 1990’s, the progression of technology has increased at a very rapid pace. While 4K is the current standard, 8K and 10K cameras are already available for those who have the cash, and more importantly, the data space to utilize these latest in video vanguard. And while those of us who produce video have been trying to keep up with the latest and greatest, video has really come into its own on the internet. With the advent of social media platforms and sites like YouTube, video has grown quickly to be the dominant form of expression in our digital world.

Here at The High Road Agency, we specialize in producing top quality video to help our clients gain those coveted views, in order to differentiate themselves in an already crowded marketplace. In today’s world, video is king. In order to stand out, you have to have a video presence in order to compete. The best videos continue the most ancient of human communication, storytelling! We, as humans, respond to stories. They tap into our need for narrative. Science even says that humans have to tell stories, we simply can’t help ourselves.

While video has progressed at an increasingly fast pace, it’s only another tool that allows us to help you tell your story. It’s important for us at The High Road Agency to help facilitate that story by using the latest options available to tell the most compelling story. If you want to stand out and tell the world your story, let us know. We would love to help ignite the embers of expression and light a beacon to your business.