Just as most people do, I look forward to new beginnings with the start of a new year. 2019 looks to be the start of some major changes in video. For most of my time here at The High Road Agency, we’ve been using Canon 5D Mark III cameras. While they have been solid cameras, especially for stills, for video, it always seemed to be a little lacking when it came to doing things quickly.

The end of this past year, Stacy, who recently left us after nearly 4 years at High Road, and I were finally given the go-ahead to order digital cinema cameras. Mainly to help with our quality, but also with our workflow when it came to all of the video projects we will do in 2019.

We looked at several options, but the one that seemed to be the best in regards to price and quality was the Black Magic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K camera. We both liked how easy it was to use Black Magic’s menu interface to quickly change settings on the camera. Plus, most of the options we needed were easily changed on the side or on the monitor of the cameras themselves.

One of the other benefits of the newest version of this camera was having neutral density filters built into the camera. One thing I especially liked compared to using DSLR cameras, was being able to hit one record button and get both video and audio. No more using a TASCAM to record audio separately.

Along with this, were myriad record options for image quality that really enhanced the product we were able to give to our clients. We could also shoot 60 frames a second at HD quality, making our b-roll acquisition even more dynamic than what was possible from our Canon camera.

I started off my camera shooting cameras in the broadcast media world. It took me some adjusting to using DSLR cameras. While I loved the image being produced, it was really lacking in trying to work through the menus in order to change anything with the camera. Plus, you really couldn’t do any of this on the fly while shooting out in the field. For my tastes, the URSA Mini Pro brought me back to my broadcasting days in regards to how quickly you could change camera settings.

We shoot a lot of videos here at The High Road Agency. We’ve done videos for large local clients, to local mom and pop businesses. The goal is always the same: to help them be front of mind when it came to prospective clients who could benefit from their business. From corporate to tourism, social media to broadcast, we can meet whatever project that you need to help your business get results that only a quality video can. I look forward to showing you the capabilities that The High Road video department has to offer. If you are curious about video, I can be reached at JJ@thehighroadagency.com