1) Can you promote this sale 4+ times this week on social? Not unless you want to decrease engagement on your page. Facebook uses an algorithm to figure out what you want to see. It comes up with these posts based on what/who’s posts you engage with the most. For example, if you always like a local bakery’s pictures, you’ll probably see most of their posts. But if you never interact with your aunt’s hair salon’s posts, you probably won’t see most of those at all. I said that to say this: if your audience isn’t engaging with your promotion posts, posting it more often won’t help. It will simply clutter your page. Three times per week is the absolute maximum you should promote something specific. If you’re getting great engagement on every post however, exceptions can be made.

2) Can you delete all those posts that aren’t directly promoting my brand? If you do this and 100% of your content is focused on pushing your product/service/sale/brand etc., you’ll lose a LOT of engagement in your posts. If you’re expecting to grow your audience but never want anything fun or industry relevant other than your products posted, you won’t get those results. Unless you’re going to be REALLY creative, (see Pepto Bismol on Facebook) pushing your product all the time isn’t the best way to go. We recommend the 80/20 rule. This is where 80% of the time, you post about what your audience wants. Are you trying to target moms? Post mom tips, mom humor, mom inspiration, and mom blogs that are related to your business. The remaining 20% of the time, post about what you want your audience to know. (sales, promotions, products, services, etc.)

3) I know we just launched this campaign less than a week ago, but could I go ahead and see reporting on it? Probably not. In order to see how effective a campaign is, you need to give it time. The first week may show a huge spike, or not much movement at all and would likely be a very inaccurate glimpse at how the rest of the campaign will go.

4) Will you post twice a day on Facebook? It depends, but probably no. While there are some instances where it might be appropriate to post twice per day, you will usually see a big dip in engagement if you’re consistently posting that much to Facebook. Once a day is the most we recommend.

The most important thing is this: posting more will not increase engagement on your page. Posting content that your audience likes, wants to see, and finds interesting will get your posts seen and engaged with.