I recently got a puppy, so naturally, all I want to do is talk about her. Her name is Elle, and she’s a goldendoodle.  It pains me that I can’t be with her all day, but being a new #DogMom and marketing expert, here’s what I realized.

Getting a puppy is like hiring a marketing team.

When you first get it, you couldn’t be more excited. Hiring a marketing team brings fresh hope for your business. Sure you know it’ll be a little bit of work initially – and certainly an investment – but you know that it will pay off in the long run.

You have to establish a routine. The puppy doesn’t know you or your expectations right off the bat, and neither do we.  It takes communication to learn how your new marketing team works and for them to learn how your company works. Once you have a routine, things get much easier.

There’s a learning period. Elle immediately recognized her toys as “hers” but we are still learning what isn’t hers – like my shoes, for instance. Sometimes it seems like we are working backwards, but trial runs, first proofs, and tests are what help us ensure success. It’s important to make sure your specific goals for your company are clearly stated to your marketing team. If you’re unsure of what those goals may be, work with your marketing team to outline them.

You have to establish trust. One day, I’ll leave her home alone – free to roam about the house. Many of our clients let us take the wheel after the initial few projects. They trust our expertise and let us make marketing decisions within their budget.

By the time you form a relationship, you couldn’t be happier with your choice to get it. Yes, the initial investment of time and money may be a bit daunting, but nothing beats puppy cuddles or an increase in business directly correlated to your marketing efforts.

Once you establish a relationship, you couldn’t imagine trading it for a different one. Have you ever heard the phrase “we didn’t pick our dog, she chose us”? The same goes for marketing teams. You can usually recognize from the first meeting if the team is right for you, and once you establish that relationship, you couldn’t fathom going with a different team.

Moral of the story? Hiring a marketing team can be one of the best things you ever do for a business. So what are you waiting for?