I can’t be the only one who gets stuck making the same recipes every single week. Spaghetti, tacos, hamburgers, Mexican dip, mustard chicken, sesame chicken, steak and potatoes… annnnnd repeat. Every week I’m stuck trying to figure out what to make for dinner when I make the grocery list, and every week I go to my defaults. They’re familiar, comfortable, and I know what to expect. I know exactly how much of each ingredient I need without thinking much about it. I know exactly how many each meal will feed, or how much to add if I need to feed a few more. A lot of the ingredients overlap in the recipes and there is very little waste. They’re quick for me to make because I’ve made them for years, and although most of them are simple enough anyway, I’ve perfected making each one.

But. It. Gets. Boring.

Even though there is some variety in the type of food, it’s the same meals every single week. And it gets old. I thought about how little I branch out to find new “easy” recipes when I went to my aunt and uncle’s house for dinner.  She’d made chicken fajitas. I could tell she didn’t use a packet of fajita seasoning but instead a combination of spices. After my third fajita, I asked her if they were hard to make. “Goodness no.” she replied. “They’re SO easy. Here. I’ll send you the recipe.” She sent it to me and I glanced over it. A handful of spices, chicken, peppers and onions, and Italian dressing were all that was required. I made it later that week, and, just like that, I added another simple recipe into my rotation.

Why am I talking about boring food in a digital marketing blog? Well, we often do the same boring things when it comes to our marketing. Two email blasts per month, 3-4 posts per week on social media, a monthly blog, a Facebook ad, and that pretty much sums up the extent of your marketing plan. Sound familiar? Is your audience bored by your choices?

I have to add that there isn’t anything wrong with consistency – in fact, we encourage it. It takes time of carrying out a strategy to be able to tell if its working. But once you’ve hit a plateau in results, maybe you need to add something fun into the mix. Whether it’s finding a new reliable addition – chicken fajitas – or doing a short campaign to create buzz – like baking a dozen cupcakes with all the frosting and sprinkles your family loves – it can help freshen up your brand.

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