Have you ever found yourself heading one direction and then within minutes your world is turned upside down and you are in a completely foreign land trying to find your way? In a time where disruption is the new norm, as business leaders and marketers we have to adapt to the people we serve and the world around us.

Several years ago Chipotle released an animated short film and a game titled the “Scarecrow.”  For many this was a controversial campaign, I thought it was brilliant marketing on many fronts.

  • It took a solid stand on food options and things that are important to those that are striving for a healthier lifestyle.
  • It highlighted the importance of fresh ingredients and showcased Chipotle’s competitive advantage over other fast food establishments in a unique way.
  • Its “Pure Imagination” remake from Willy Wonka and homage to The Wizard of Oz created an emotional and nostalgic connection with consumers.
  • It reminded us that good marketing campaigns are well thought out (brain), have heart, utilize courage, and make consumers feel connected (home).

In my opinion, brands that keep it real, authentic, and are transparent are the ones that are winning with consumers.  We continue to see evidence of this in Chipotle’s marketing five-plus years after they released The Scarecrow.  Earlier this year they launched a new behind the scenes doc-style campaign, Behind the Foil. These ads take a hard look at Chipotle’s processes, ingredients, and ways they have improved and overcome in the last three years since their widespread foodborne illness outbreaks.

As marketers, I believe we have to be constantly ready for the storms ahead.  Many days on the farm will be sunny and great.  Yet one day a storm may come, pick up the house and drop us in an uncertain time and place. Those that win will be the ones that make the skipping, singing, and dancing along the yellow brick road an exciting and adventurous one for the consumers along for the journey.

We have a talented group of marketers with huge hearts that are ready to help you find ways to authentically bond with others.  Connect with us today.

Rob Bunch
Managing Director