Oops. Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. Is a dozen roses and chocolate good enough?”

Chances are, we have all been there at some point in our lives. Luckily, when you’re in a relationship and forget about the holiday dedicated to love, you can usually recover with a little effort and creativity – and Google. Whether you take her to dinner in your best suit with a dozen roses hidden in the car or swing by the jewelry store and pick a memorable piece, last minute gifts are usually an easy find.

But what if you’re a business and you forget to show your customers some love? The good news is your customers and clients won’t be insisting on a breakup. The better news is that if you can remember to do a Valentine’s Day special for your customers, you’ll really stand out.

As a digital marketing agency, we love to help our clients show their clients some love. If you need help creating an ad campaign, doing a social media promotion, coming up with the perfect strategy for a giveaway, then we are here to help. You’d be surprised what we can make happen in a day or two. It should be noted that if you need help pulling off the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, proposal, or date night, we are also here to help.

We did a round-up of our favorite Valentine’s Day promotions that well-known places have done. Maybe it will inspire you to participate in the romantic holiday that’s quickly approaching.

Uber’s #RomanceOnDemand


Match.com and Starbucks Unite


Coke’s Virtual Vending Machine


In Case of Love Emergency — break glass