I hate to admit this as a grown man, but I find myself way too emotionally invested in advertising messages.  I’ll be watching television after dinner, and that dessert commercial comes on and I desperately find myself craving something sweet.  Or the Hallmark commercials (you know the ones I’m talking about) that suck me in and the next thing I know I’m in need of a tissue box.  smile

The best marketing messages evoke emotion while at the same time connecting you with the advertiser’s brand.  This seems like common sense, but many business owners miss this when creating their marketing messages.  They focus too much on technical information, features and benefits or find themselves so desperate to garner business that they forget to make their advertising meaningful.

Recently my mother-in-law opened her mailbox to a smile.  Finish Power&Free sent her a sample of their dishwasher detergent tablets.  It wasn’t just a sample however; Finish used creative packaging to create an actual smile featuring their product.

This cute advertising message provides some key lessons of effective marketing messages:

  • Determine how you want to emotionally connect with your target audience and then find a creative way to implement that into your campaign.
  • Provide details that are important to that target audience – here’s your chance to provide those features and benefits.
  • Make the message meaningful and memorable.  The next time my mother-in-law is shopping for dishwasher detergent; I can guarantee she will remember the “Smile”.
  • Attach your message to other trusted and recognized brands. In this case, Finish utilized their relationship with Walmart by including the super brand’s logo.
  • Create a call to action – a cute or clever marketing message that doesn’t encourage your target audience to take action isn’t going to be beneficial. In this case, Finish encouraged us to save .75 cents on our next purchase

Remember, a smile is a choice. If coming up with the right marketing message makes you frown, let High Road Digital help you smile.  We work with clients to build, execute, and implement effective marketing campaigns each and every day.  Contact us today…we love to see our clients SMILE. smile