As a child, hearing the word “Snow Day” was just as magical as hearing the ice-cream truck’s speaker play its classical tune as it travels throughout the neighborhood. Snow days meant friendship-threatening snowball fights, copious amounts of snow cream, and hand-crafting replicas of Frosty the Snowman until your fingers went numb. The day was spent outside with only short breaks for grilled cheese and tomato soup or marshmallow topped hot cocoa. It wasn’t until Summer break got delayed for you to realize snow days maybe weren’t as cool as they seemed.

“Snow Day” has an entirely different connotation when you’re an adult. It means start your car earlier, find a babysitter, maybe have to take a vacation day to stay home with the children. You’re back logged on work, you missed a meeting, you didn’t finish the TPS reports for which your boss has been tirelessly asking. Maybe you go outside and play in the snow or hit the slopes, but mostly you’re inside watching daytime television and counting down the hours until you can return to your normal routine.

Luckily, for us in the digital marketing industry, snow days’ mean nothing. They change the venue where our work gets done and how many people are in our “office”, but our productivity stays the same. We launch campaigns, design websites, and check your social media outlooks to make sure they are running properly. Isn’t it cool to know that, even though the weather outside may be terrifying, we’re still performing for you?

We have the technology and platforms to not let things like weather hinder us from helping you achieve sales goals and make up for those days where you just couldn’t make it in. If you want to find out more ways we can help you, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at Let’s make your business weather-proof too!