As a kid I always heard my parents mentioning this phrase around other adults and to me I never quite understood what it meant. Every year my sister and I would be on our best behavior so that we could make sure Santa would visit and leave presents under the tree. As it got closer to Christmas we would make our lists, sit on Santa’s lap, and tell him how good we have been as well as what was on our Christmas list.

Christmas Eve is finally here, we have our extended family celebration and each child gets to open one present before crawling off to bed to dream about everything they had asked for. Once the excitement finally drains from my system I doze off into a winter wonderland. The sun comes up bright and early, I wake up yelling, “It’s Christmas It’s Christmas!” all throughout the house. My sister is already awake and we run and jump on our parents as they try to get a little more sleep, seeing as they were up half the night playing the role of Santa. After we finally get them out of bed we all race downstairs to celebrate and dive into our holiday traditions.

As we opened each present, they always told us, “Remember, it isn’t about what you receive, it is about what you give.” Of course I listened to my parents at the time, and to a certain extent I understood what they were saying. But now as I get older, I truly understand that phrase they kept repeating to me as a child. My parents gave me my gift that keeps giving, it just took me 15 years to realize it.

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