How to know if Twitter is useful for marketing your business

(in 140 characters or less)


There is more happening on Twitter than Donald Trump, Katy Perry (she leads the Twitter world with 96.1 million followers), and Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets. Many people don’t understand what Twitter is, how it works, and why they should use it. Twitter posts are essentially micro-blogs, and my intention is not to tell you that you should be using Twitter, but give you a measuring stick to see if Twitter might be worth pursuing. Here we go.

My 9-Question Twitter test (each one is 140 characters or less, of course):

  1. Would you value connecting with likeminded individuals, organizations, and influencers that can be a resource for you and your business?
  1. Do you have the ability and foundation to be a resource or influencer for others?
  1. Are millennials and/or young professionals a segment of your target audience?
  1. Is receiving (or giving) timely news updates relevant to your business? After all, Twitter is faster than earthquakes.
  1. Do you have current customers or clients who use Twitter?
  1. Does your company host or participate in events?
  1. Do you want to know what people might be saying about you or your company in the Twittersphere?
  1. Do you have a database of email addresses that you use (or want to use) to connect with people?
  1. Do you want to grow your brand and expand your reach?

If you answered YES to at least 4 or 5 of these, then Twitter might be worth exploring. Hope this helps.


Josh Mancuso