As we all know, a significant part of the holiday season is eating savory food with family and friends. As my wife and I were preparing (I’m ashamed to say my only contribution was my menu request & grocery shopping for said casseroles below) for our Christmas feast with family while cheering on my wife as she prepared some of my favs…mac n cheese and carrot soufflé, I was reminded of a simple, yet necessary cooking tool present in most kitchens…the funnel.

The funnel is notorious for making arguably the festivalgoers favorite dessert pastry-the funnel cake. It also makes it much easier to replace sometimes spilled or excess food (beans, flour, liquid) back into a bottle or small mouth container that the product came from. Well, I was reminded once again just how important and effective this little tool can be as my wife used it to efficiently replace salad dressing from a serving dish back into the original bottle.

As I witness this small yet effective tool proving its value of being one of the top kitchen utensils, I was reminded of another funnel…the marketing funnel. I know sales/marketing academia has perhaps abused, overused, and depicted the funnel 101 ways to illustrate how a prospect is converted into a customer. So, thank you for tolerating yet another reference!

The basic terminology of the marketing funnel can vary but generally consist of 4-6 levels: Awareness/Exposure, Interest/Engagement, Consideration/Preference, Intent/Decision, Evaluation, and Purchase.


Marketers are pretty effective at driving traffic to the digital assets, especially the company website, but most are largely ineffective at engaging, capturing, and converting leads. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. It is possible to gain stronger ROI through a smart content strategy, along with innovative tactics and tools by creating a “content engagement area”.

This area, also know as the “lead nurture” section of the funnel, is where someone can engage with your brand that is much more than a simple contact us form, but rather it incorporates all the additional ways a prospect connects with your business online after falling into the funnel. The connections can be a landing page with a specific call to action that can offer a free report or product demonstration video, a link to join your newsletter, or a free trial.

This strategy will provide more information at the proper time as the prospect considers and evaluates your brand. It allows a prospect to take a series of next steps in engaging with your content and hopefully moving out the bottom of the funnel as a purchaser.

Congratulations for reading this far! In today’s instant video world, the written word is becoming an endangered species. So, here is your reward…a video of the world’s largest funnel cake. Enjoy and thanks for reading!