A server can make or break your experience at a restaurant. Recently while traveling, I had one of the best experiences with a waiter at Smokin’ Thighs. This quaint, local establishment in Nashville had a huge menu, and when I walked in, I knew the place had never known a stranger. As a guest of a true local, I quickly received a rundown of her menu favorites. Frank, our waiter, overhearing the conversation, came and made sure that he walked us through all the left off fantastic choices. He spoke of the food with such pride and familiarity, it felt as though he had handpicked each item on the menu. As he walked away, giving our table time to reflect on what he had shared, we joked that we liked his “great detail” version better. Soon he returned to take our order, make sure our drinks were filled, praise three of us about our choices, and tease the one of us who ordered the “non chicken-burger.” For the record, it was me who ordered the chicken salad sandwich, and it didn’t disappoint.


After consuming some of the best chicken BBQ, pimento bacon mac and cheese, loaded baked potato salad, smoked baked beans, and roasted corn we had ever had, Frank returned to collect our empty plates and make sure we needed nothing else. He was happy to see that the “owner” had stopped by to provide us to-go cups and prepare us for our long journey home. Confused by his “owner” statement, we confessed that we thought he was the owner. He whispered “I am, just don’t tell that guy” and went on to check on his next table. As we left the fabulous “local find” that took great effort to make sure that every detail of our dining experience – from the ambiance, to the service, to the food – was spot-on, we concluded that Frank, without a doubt, was the owner.


So guess what? Frank’s not the owner. This experience was a great reminder that we ourselves are a brand. Many times we are hired because a company likes what we can bring to the table and feels that it will add to its overall image and brand. In essence, your brand is an extension of your company’s brand. In this case, Frank is Smokin’ Thigh’s. I won’t just remember Smokin’ Things because of the great food and unique atmosphere – I’ll remember it because of Frank.

Here’s a few things we can all learn from Frank:

  • Be passionate. If you don’t like what you’re doing, go find another job.
  • Have fun. Work shouldn’t just be about the products or services we provide but how it enhances people’s lives along their journeys.
  • Do it. Regardless of your position, your contributions matter to the company.
  • Take initiative. It’s okay to think outside of the box. Provide suggestions for ways to enhance your products or services to more effectively accomplish your company’s goals, or make your work more efficient and effective.
  • Own it. Even if your name isn’t on the door, don’t be afraid to work like it’s yours.
  • Love it. Don’t just do your job because it’s your job. Do it because it makes a difference in other people’s lives.

So to be Frank, or not to be Frank, the choice is up to you. At High Road Digital, we pride ourselves in being Rob, Rhonda, Kent, Kyle, Kate, Erick, Stack, Alex, Chelsea, Josh, Seth, Sarah, John, and Jason. Contact us today to start a Frank conversation.