They call him The Turtleman. He’s a YouTube sensation to many viewers. I first saw The Turtleman in 2008. I thought it was a spoof, but it’s not. It’s for real, people. He dives into swamps and catches turtles, and then belts out a victory yell. You can watch The Turtleman’s original video here: He now has his own show on Animal Planet.

Why am I writing about The Turtleman? Because he’s interesting. And there’s a good chance that your business needs to stop being so boring. You need to be more interesting.

You need to be more interesting in your social media posts, your website content, and your overall marketing message.

Why is our country crazy about Starbucks coffee? Why do people stand in line for hours to get the new iPhone? Why do men love Dollar Shave Club?

It’s not because they provide “quality service at a fair price.” This isn’t the 1950s. It’s because their branding message is interesting and compelling. People want to be part of it. They are literally shaping our culture. Yes, their product or service meets a legitimate need or desire, but their marketing is making them millions. Do people want to be part of what you’re doing?

Be interesting. Be a Turtleman.


Josh Mancuso