As you’ve probably heard by now, we rebranded as an agency. With our rebrand came a new office, new logo, and even a new name. We are now on the 6th floor of the tallest building in downtown Johnson City. No longer are we High Road Digital; we are The High Road Agency. I got a new office, new-to-me desk, new business cards, and – my favorite – a brand new view. We can see for miles out any of the windows that line our offices. It’s really quite nice. I’m within walking distance from 3 different breweries, two taco places, a park, and so much more. To say I love it here is an understatement.

The change of scenery has been good for the entire office. We think more openly, collaborate more, and generally seem more cheerful every day. We have subtle music playing in the background throughout the day, and everyone seems to have more creative ideas. I’ve always been a little hesitant to change things. I’ve still got my second car I ever owned, I keep the same routine, eat similar things from week to week, and I’m not one to be excited over a sudden shift in plans. But this change has been much welcomed and much enjoyed.

I said that to say this: Sometimes, change can seem big and scary but can actually be really good and even refreshing. There was so much in the unknown for me when I found out we were moving offices that, at first, I was a little reluctant. But now I’m so glad we moved. Things were working for us at the old office, but we all knew that it could get better, and it got a LOT better. Is there something in your business that could be doing better? Is there a system that isn’t working as well as you thought it might? Does your marketing or brand need a fresh look? That’s what we are here for. Change doesn’t mean you’ve failed. Sometimes it can mean quite the opposite. Sometimes change can be the stepping-stone you need on the pathway to success. While we can’t promise that you’ll love the change right away, we can promise to make the first step a little easier on you. We’d love to chat about how your brand can receive a face lift (like ours did) to better reflect your organization. Email me at and we can help get you started.