People always ask me what High Road Digital is and I always give the same answer: ‘we are a digital advertising agency’. While we primarily handle digital marketing, our team has an intensive background in traditional media. We help clients with everything from web design to social media marketing and search engine optimization. We specialize in effectively communicating a brand’s message to its unique target audience – digitally.

We are an extension of each company we partner with. We aren’t just their marketing team; we are a part of their team. The success of these partners is our goal and we strategically create tailored plans to ensure that success. By combining proven digital solutions with analytics, we produce results.

But we are more than that.

We are more than technical jargon and Facebook advertising. We are more than a cool website and a catchy hashtag. We are more than a creative team that’s well dressed and hip.

We are the reason that a wife’s birthday gift, forgotten by the husband until 48 hours before, ended with a happy spouse hanging a beautiful canvas portrait on her wall. We are the reason that one client was able to book an aerial artist for their annual awards ceremony. We are the reason a client came to us for a creative way to collect business cards and we placed an order with a restaurant supply company. While I laugh when I tell these stories, I have learned that they – and so many others like it – are the epitome of who we are. At High Road Digital, we want to watch our partners thrive in business and we go to crazy lengths to help them get there.

Maybe one day I will be able to put a complete answer to the original question, “What is High Road Digital”, into an elevator pitch. But until then, I’ll just give my usual answer and smile. Because I know that High Road Digital is much more than that.