Every day, you’ll be exposed to nearly 400* advertisements. You’ll only notice about 150 of them, and you’ll remember far fewer than that – 12, if you’re lucky.  As a business, how do you make sure you stand out in the crowd? Millions of brands are begging to be the top in the eyes of consumers, but how does a brand resonate with consumers? Owning a large share of voice is a great start. A solid social strategy certainly helps. Speaking to their values certainly doesn’t hurt. But what will help your brand secure a spot in one of the 12 available?

I’ll start by telling you what won’t get you in one of the 12 spots.

Doing the same thing you’ve always done.  While there is no formula for the perfect time to rebrand, on average, brands will rebrand every 7 to 10 years. If you’re trying to reach a new audience, their demographics are certainly different than those of your prior audience. This means that your brand may not speak to them and it’s likely time to rebrand. If your business’ values have changed, rebranding to reflect your new philosophy is important. Also, if your brand is outdated, it’s time for a fresh look.

Following the template. Thinking inside the box will get you a run-of-the-mill ad with average creative and solid placement. You’ll get a decent amount of impressions, and maybe some response from it. It won’t be anything to write home about, but it will suffice. Following the template is the worst way to make your brand stand out. Don’t be afraid to branch out and take a look outside the box. From memorable and catchy headlines, to the best guerilla marketing tactics, the most memorable brands haven’t thought inside the box for years.  Check out my Pinterest page for some of my favorite ads. (http://bit.ly/23eSpgn)

Neglecting marketing altogether. While this may seem like a given, many businesses ignore marketing completely. Every time someone sees your brand – whether an ad, Facebook account, logo, or any branded content – that’s an impression. Making that impression stick is what will drive sales and push your business towards success, but not making any impressions at all, you don’t have a chance to compete for one of those valuable 12 spots.

I’ve told you what not to do. As far as what to do, that depends on a lot of things, but for a start, you can call us.  What I do know is that the most successful brands have captured the attention of their audience, and that every day is a new chance for your business to make an impression on your audience.



*The number of ads that adults are now exposed to across all five media (TV, radio, Internet, newspapers and magazines) is about 360 per day. (http://bit.ly/1tz6Vng)