I have recently taken up the “adrenaline rush” sport of whitewater kayaking much to my wife’s chagrin. It seems as if I have always been drawn to sports that require a helmet, whether it was skateboarding, ski jumping, cycling, or my latest obsession…kayaking.

But first, I have a confession to make before we get into the meat of this blog. My first kayaking experience took me unwittingly down the swift and cold Watauga River without a guide or even the thought of wearing a helmet! I also might add, my wife volunteered to go with me just to be sure I didn’t end up wrapping my boat around a large boulder!

Well, since our first kayaking encounter with whitewater, we both have taken a 2-day, basic kayaking course. We were clueless as to the many dangers of the sport! Our instructor scared the heebie-jeebies out of us about everything from strainers to undercut rocks! My wife still maintains that the first trip in whitewater was her most enjoyable one. I guess you can say, “ignorance is bliss” when you consider what we didn’t know could happen.

I often wonder how many times a business owner is just cruising down the river not knowing where the holes or eddy lines are from a marketing standpoint? In kayaking terms, these are navigable and can be mastered with just a little bit of instruction. Even the most seasoned business owner may be able to spot most of the dangers, but may be oblivious to the smaller hazards. Most business owners know the need for an updated website and a social media presence, but few can determine an effective content marketing strategy to make these tools useful.

According Digital Marketing Institute’s Zara Burke, the Top 3 Content Marketing Pitfalls and How to Avoid Them are:

  1. Measuring content effectiveness
  2. Producing engaging content
  3. Lack of a budget.

While I won’t go into the details of how to overcome these pitfalls, I will mention the overarching objective of your content is to make your audience feel alive and inspired to take action on your product or service.

Confused about your content strategy? Don’t have time to develop the right kind of engaging content that will capture more customers? Reach out to the “content junkies” here at High Road Digital. We’re ready to jump right into the whitewater with you!