Smartphones were basically introduced to us by RIM with the Blackberry in 2005 and in one of the fastest adoption trends in history, now over 70% of Americans are using some sort of handheld mobile device.

Just to give you some dates, the iPhone was announced in January 2007. Droid followed in January 2010. And we reached 70% usage penetration by April 2014.

This adoption trend is inversely proportional to global PC sales, indicating that the mobile devices are replacing desktop computers.

What does this mean to the business owner? How does this affect your online strategy?

It means that if you are not able to be easily seen on a 4″ screen, then you are potentially missing out on attracting new customers. The Internet has conditioned us to expect the information we want instantly. The mobile Internet has conditioned us to expect it instantly, anywhere we are.

Your online strategy MUST include mobile friendliness if you want to remain competitive. Your potential customers will not spend time zooming in to read your material… simply because they don’t have to. The next website down the list in the search results will be mobile friendly.

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