Nothing ever works out quite like you expect. This is something life has taught me. In particular, I have had this hammered home to me over the last few years as I have been doing a lot of home renovations on my own. I have learned a lot of valuable skills in my life from plumbing to carpentry to basic electrical (without killing myself or losing any appendages). So I am not really intimidated by the idea of putting all new flooring down in my kitchen or gutting a bathroom and putting in all new everything. Not that those things are easy, but I know what I am doing. I understand what is involved. Ultimately, I know what to expect.

Except sometimes I don’t. I know how to build a new door jamb for a cased opening into my kitchen. Easy. However, the books don’t tell you to sometimes expect there to be a hidden partial pocket door inside the wall where you are building the door jamb. I know how to take up old flooring and put new flooring down. What the books don’t tell you is to sometimes expect there to 5 or 6 layers of old flooring beneath the top layer you are trying to remove.

Sometimes this simply means extra time. A project I anticipated to be a weekend may take several weeks instead. Sometimes it means extra expense. Maybe I have to purchase an unexpected tool or more materials than originally estimated. And sometimes it means that even though I thought I could do the job myself, I have to face the reality that maybe this time I can’t. Maybe this unexpected surprise is more than I am prepared for. Youtube, books, and helpful friends can only take you so far, and then sometimes you just know that its time to call the folks who do this for a living.

Marketing is no different. With your business, organization, or brand, there may be a few or even a lot of things you can do on your own. Experience or education has provided you resources to get things done. Great. But there inevitably will be things that you are just not prepared for. They may not always be surprises like my unexpected 6 inches of kitchen flooring, but you will eventually face things that you are not equipped to handle. And that’s when it is time to call the professionals. People who understand and are not surprised by the unexpected.  The High Road Agency is more than equipped to handle all of your marketing needs, even the unexpected.