A movie that I have watched many times throughout my life is The Princess Bride. Some movies are one and done kind of movies. Others like The Princess Bride are once a week kind of movies.  Early in the movie, Buttercup and Westley are running from Prince Humperdinck, and they have been cornered with nowhere to run except the Fire Swamp. When faced with the treacherous Fire Swamp, Buttercup states, “We’ll never survive.” Westley replies, “Nonsense. You’re only saying that because no one ever has.” I love this line. I love this sense of optimism in the face of imminent danger.

So which one are you? When faced with a seemingly impossible situation, are you the one who says “we’ll never survive” or do you believe that there is a way? Can you see beyond the simple fact that no one ever has? Maybe it is not the imminent danger of the Fire Swamp. Maybe it is just the business model you have followed for the last 20 years. Or maybe it is your outdated logo that your dad designed and has always been the face of your company. Do you just keep avoiding the Fire Swamp assuming that it will only end in tragedy?

Be optimistic. Be courageous. Be bold. I am not saying be stupid. But just because no one ever has doesn’t mean no one ever will.