Apps I’d Really Rather Not Live Without

Everyone who uses a cell phone (so… everyone) has at least a couple apps they can’t live without. Apps that make their life easier, more efficient, more fun, more communicative, whatever the purpose of the app may be. With the plethora of available apps, I enjoy learning from others about the apps they use on a regular basis. Several of the apps that are on my list of dailies have been recommended by others. So here’s my list of essential apps.

Evernote is an app for taking notes. Simply. It has expanded into a complete archival system for photos, emails, business cards, thoughts, lists, tasks, recipes, and more. But at it’s core, it is a note taking app. The great thing about Evernote is that it is so completely searchable. If you take handwritten notes and then snapshot them into Evernote, all of your handwriting instantly becomes searchable. Receipts, business cards, whatever you add. And it’s available as a mobile app, a computer app for Mac, and online so your notes are available wherever you are.
Safe In Cloud
I’ve tried my hand at several password managers and Safe In Cloud is my choice. It allows me to store my passwords in a searchable, taggable, and sortable list. Templates for credit cards, web accounts, codes, and other main types of passwords are included to make entry easy. It’s available as a mobile app and a desktop app and can be synced through an online database such as Dropbox. Chrome also has an extension that allows you to have Safe In Cloud auto-populate password boxes on websites from your password list. With the number of logins that I manage and access daily, a robust and secure password manager like Safe In Cloud is invaluable.
Pocket is my mobile bookmarks app. When I am surfing the web and come across an article, list, website that I want to save for later viewing, I put it in my Pocket. Then, when I’m ready to view it later, I open Pocket and can select from any of the sites that I’ve added. It syncs across devices and allows you to archive articles so you can access them later after you’ve read them. One of the best features is it’s audio reading… if you don’t have time to read an article because, maybe, you’re driving, Pocket will read the article to you.
Google Assistant
I have a Samsung Galaxy and an iPad. I’ve got access to Siri and to Bixby. I’ve used Alexa through the Amazon app. And none of those come close to the flexibility of and power behind Google Assistant. I use Google Assistant to set reminders, add tasks to a list, create calendar entries, send text messages, call people and businesses, check hours of operation, and much. Much. Much. More.
Allow me to be honest… my phone has become my TV. Our living room TV is rarely turned on because, for some reason, I’ve exchanged my 55” LED for a 6.2” super AMOLED touchscreen. And Netflix is my app of choice when watching video on my phone.
As phones continue to become the dominant way that people access content, you need to make sure that you are visible in the crowd and heard through the noise. A mobile responsive website is an absolute essential. What other ways can you get your content in front of your crowd on a mobile device? An app? Mobile ads? High Road can help identify those methods and create a strategy to fulfill your mobile needs. Give us a call.
Written by Kyle Wirick

Written by Kyle Wirick

Managing Director, Sales Contact Kyle


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