The Blue Ridge Parkway is one of my favorite places in our region and I typically visit every year to take in all of the beautiful fall color of our region. My visit a few weeks ago, however, was a little different; I was observing my surroundings from about 300 foot above the winding parkway. With a click of a button and a little direction, I was able to see every mountain range around me. A couple weeks before this trip, my family finally gave in and purchased a drone, and now we were seeing the mountain ranges that we have come to love, from a different perspective. Distinguishing how much more you could see your surroundings from approximately a football fields length above me made me realize how perspective can play a major role in many facets of our daily lives.

If we are continuously looking through the same lens, especially in marketing, then we are not truly taking advantage of our expansive surroundings. Sometimes taking a step back (or soaring above) and reassessing your mission statement, target audience or the way you brand your business can make an important impact to a business’ success. Social media has truly changed the way that a business can market itself. You can get your business’ brand in front of thousands in mere seconds by promoting your business on Facebook, Twitter, etc. These impressions are more important now than ever as online marketing is rapidly changing every day and your business can thrive with successful practice of social media marketing.

Making sure your brand is recognizable can be a huge asset to your business. Think of the Nike swoosh, which all consumers will recognize. You may see the swoosh on your opponent’s cleats siding into home or on a giant billboard as you drive along the interstate, but no matter what perspective you are seeing it from you still know that it is the Nike brand.

Is your brand recognizable from multiple perspectives, or are you stuck at eye level?