In the past month or so I have been in the process of house hunting, particularly near the downtown area of Johnson City. In general, homes in this area tend to be older homes that sometimes need just a bit of TLC.

Sometimes, just a little TLC (typeface, logo, and color that is) can go a long way in fashioning your unique brand, too. Creating a Style Guide for your brand is an imperative first step to consistency with your marketing efforts. The three main components to establishing your consistent, unique brand is to create a prominent logo, select a set of typefaces and finally decide on a color scheme. While your logo is definitely one of the most important pieces to your brand, having a set of typefaces and a consistent color scheme can really make your brand stand out. Here are just a few things to consider when giving some tender, love and care to your brand:

  • Logo: When designing your logo there are a couple necessities to keep in mind.
    • Your Logo should be Unique: Dare to be Different
    • Recognition: Your logo should be able to be recognized from a distance or if it is small on a page.
  • Typefaces: Less is More. Having two distinct fonts, a header and body font, will help keep consistency to your brand.
  • Color: Clever use of Theory
    • Color can set the mood for your brand.
      Warm, cool, love, aggression, etc.
    • It must also look good in black and white (or grayscale) as well as simplified into 2 colors.

If your brand needs a little TLC, give High Road Digital a call today. We can help.