I just returned from picking up a few must-haves from a local “everything is a dollar” retail store. Price shopping is a necessity of life – we all do it – and for good reason. There are plenty of options out there for people who need cost efficient solutions in their daily lives, but is your company’s brand, marketing and value something you want to sacrifice just for price?

The store I went to today is littered with thousands and thousands of tchotchkes and clearance items…as consumers we are obsessed with the notion of buying brands cheap and impulse buys. But is that wise?  Being surrounded by these mostly one-time use and throw-away trinkets lead me to these questions:

Is the value of your marketing strategy a throw-away?

Is it a one-time use?

Value isn’t something you can sacrifice merely for the sake of price.  Clear and pure value that’s instilled into your brand and marketing strategies are critical for the growth of your company, achieving desired results and exceeding your customer’s expectations. Value is who you are.  Value is what you are.  Value does not come in nickels, pennies and dimes.

Developing impactful and results-oriented social and digital strategies with measurable VALUE is an aspect of my work life that I truly appreciate and enjoy at The High Road Agency. Not to mention that the views are much grander and wider when you #TakeTheHighRoad

So, listen up hipsters, youngsters and teamsters… if you expect true and impactful value from just a dollar, then you will certainly end up short-changed. Yep, there are “dollar or less” strategies out there but engaging in those tactics are always empty shells of what you should be doing. Don’t ever sacrifice your value for price. Save those pennies for magical wishes at a local fountain.

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