My 16 month-old son is learning lots of new words these days. Yesterday we were reading one of the little blue truck books, and he learned the word taxi, which he repeated over and over again. He can say apple. He has recently discovered how delicious pineapple is as well. Because pineapple ends with the word apple, they are both apple to him. And since red potatoes look like apples, they are also apples to him. In fact, quite a few things are apples to my son. He is learning about things being hot. When I scramble him an egg or make him oatmeal in the morning, he sees us blow on it to cool it down, and he hears us say it is hot. So everything is hot now. Basically if it is not frozen, he says it’s hot.

Now let me say this. I love hearing him say words, especially when the word is dada. He is adorable and sweet and probably the most amazing intelligent child on the planet. But that is a whole different article. His words, while cute, are not always helpful because often, he doesn’t really know what he is saying. He is trying to figure out the world. Obviously this can be challenging for communication when either the words are just not there or they don’t match up to the picture. Sometimes he will point in a general direction at something. I am sure he knows what he wants, but he doesn’t know the word so there is a bit of a breakdown. And other times he will say a word that he knows but is not the right one. So if he was asking for an apple, he might really want pineapple. Or maybe he wants a potato. Probably not the potato, but you never know.

Why is this important? Language is how we communicate, and if you have a business, how you communicate to others about your business is one of the most important things you can do. Sometimes you may just not know the words to use. Sometimes, you may have the right idea, but the wrong words to move it forward so people are confused or frustrated about your products or services. Nobody is great at everything. Maybe you have a business and you feel like you are selling really great potatoes, but everybody thinks they are apples. It could be time to find some folks like the team at High Road Digital who are really good at helping you craft powerful and effective ways to let the world know who you are and what you have to offer. You keep providing the world with killer potatoes. We can help make sure that no one thinks they are apples.