My 2-year-old son has this little wooden cart that he loves. He has started pushing it all around our house. In fact, one of his newest things is pushing it through our living room, dining room, kitchen and hallway, which is just one big circle. He gets going pretty fast as he makes laps around our house. Sometimes he tells me he is going on a trip to the beach and then other times he says he is going on a race. No matter what he says he is doing though, he always refers to his little cart as his bike.

Now, my wife and I know that this is not a bicycle. His little cart has 4 wheels. It is made of wood. It doesn’t really look anything like a bicycle. But he thinks it is his bike. And he loves it. What he doesn’t know is that my mom has purchased a new balance bike for him that she will be giving to him very soon. I think that is going to blow his mind. He is going to absolutely love this thing.

What I have found myself thinking about through this has been how limited my son’s understanding of a bicycle is at this point in his life. For him, his cart is his bicycle, and he loves it. He has no idea that there is anything more out there for him. I don’t think 2 year olds are the only ones that experience this though. Don’t we settle all the time for something that is less. Sometimes we know, and we just make the sacrifice. But so often, we settle for less thinking we have reached the goal.

I wonder how often we settle for less without any understanding that there is something more out there for us. We are riding around on a little wooden cart calling it our bicycle, when we could be riding on a new Trek mountain bike. Some of this is simply life experience. Some is listening to the wisdom of others who hopefully will kindly and graciously tell you when you are eating mud pies thinking they are steak. We would love to think that our team at The High Road Agency is equipped to help you see where some of those areas are in your life and in your business. Let us help you see all that is out there waiting for you.